Subfloor preparation

Self-propelled "Dark Warrior®" stripper

"BEF 203" floor planer

Floor strippers

BS "Black Strip" floor strippers

Carpet claw

Long or extendable scrapers

Heavy duty scrapers

Miscellaneous scrapers

Universal scrapers

Scrapers blades

"Liberco" self-propelled stripper

"Torero" self-propelled stripper

Paint removers

Wallpaper strippers

Wall sanders

"Romix" mixers

Standing position

Trowels - Rakes

Spiked rollers

Resurfacing accessories

Carborundum stones - Carbide grinders

Flatness and hardness measurement

"Alpha" floor grinder

"Quattro Boost" mono-brush accessory

"Quattro Boost" sanding machine

Sanding levelling compounds


"Sandy 2" Sanding machines

"RLS 160" sanding machine

Sanding parquet


"BEF 203" floor planer

Fine dust & liquid vacuum cleaners

Back pack vacuum cleaner

Fine dust vacuum cleaners & Liquids

Very fine dust vacuum cleaner

Injector - Extractor

Steam cleaning

Cleaning machines

Cleaning accessories

Moisture measurement

Moisture indicators with radiofrequency

Humidity indicators with spike probe




Gas heating

Oil heater

Electrical heaters