Subfloor preparation

Self-propelled "Dark Warrior®" stripper

Floor strippers

BS "Black Strip" floor strippers

Carpet claw

Long or extendable scrapers

Heavy duty scrapers

Miscellaneous scrapers

Universal scrapers

Scrapers blades

"Liberco" self-propelled stripper

"Torero" self-propelled stripper

Paint removers

Wallpaper strippers

Wall sanders

Mini orbital sanders

Facade stripping

"Romix" mixers

Standing position

Trowels - Rakes

Spiked rollers

Resurfacing accessories

Carborundum stones - Carbide grinders

Flatness and hardness measurement

"Alpha" floor grinder

"Quattro Boost" mono-brush accessory

"Quattro Boost" sanding machine

Sanding levelling compounds


"Sandy 2.T" Sanding machines

"RLS 160" sanding machine

Sanding parquet


Flatness and hardness measurement

Fine dust & liquid vacuum cleaners

Back pack vacuum cleaner

Fine dust vacuum cleaners & Liquids

Very fine dust vacuum cleaner

Cleaning machines

Cleaning accessories

"RLS 160" sanding machine

Back pack vacuum cleaner

Moisture measurement

Moisture indicators with radiofrequency

Humidity indicators with spike probe




Gas heating

Oil heater

Electrical heaters

Air treatment